The Method

Finding Your True Self

human camera

The Human Mind

The human mind is similar to that of a camera. Just as a camera takes pictures and stores them inside of a memory card, the human body takes pictures of everything in the world through its eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and body and stores them inside of the brain. When one was born into this world, he started to take pictures of everything happening in his life: from his hometown, his elementary school, middle and high school, college, work, marriage, social life, up to today; his entire life has been taken as a picture and stored inside his brain. These pictures have become his own human mind. Inside of his human mind there are countless thoughts, past emotions, fixed conceptions and habits.

The Universe Mind

However the human mind did not exist before he was born. Even if he did not exist in the world, the entire universe would still exist. Even if all creations in the universe are removed, there is still the infinite emptiness. This infinite emptiness is the universe before the universe, and this existence is the origin of all things. Everything came from this existence and will return to this existence. This origin is the eternal, never-changing and living existence, which is Truth. This is the original mind - the universe mind. Everything that exists in the world is the embodiment of this existence itself. This is why everything in the universe is one.

orgin same as reborn

Humans were originally one with this existence, but when humans were born, they started taking pictures of the world and made their own human mind world. Even though there are more than 7 billion people living in the world, no two minds are alike, every person is living inside of their own human mind. People mistakenly believe they live in the world, but they actually live inside the mind world that they have created, which is a copy of the real world. The world that exists is real, but this copied world that humans made is false. That is why humans are incomplete.

real world & false world
The World & Human Mind World
false world overlaps real world, and false world separated from real world
Human Mind World Overlaps the World &
Separate Human Mind World from the World

The Way to Find Your True Self

This meditation has a 7 level method to get rid of all of the pictures. As one follows the method and throws away the human mind, one is able to discard all of his countless thoughts, his habits, and his false self that lives in the false world. Afterward, he will go back to the origin and be reborn from the origin. When he is reborn from the origin, he becomes his true self and will live a life that is of nature's flow. Furthermore, even when his body disappears, he will live on as the world itself for all eternity. Such is true liberation, and true freedom. He is the one who has accomplished all. Up until last year, more than 5,000 people have become their true self.

throw away minds

Principles of the Meditation