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The Teacher Comes When You Are Ready


The teacher  comes to you when you are ready. This meditation method was introduced to me one year ago at a time when I was experiencing physical, emotional, and mental turmoil. I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try since I had tried other healing modalities before. At first I was skeptical, asking so many questions, trying  to understand how the method would help me to throw away my false mind world.  Reluctantly, I continued with some inner resistance based on my false mind.

As soon as I earnestly started to throw away the pictures and detach from the stories that I had created,  I saw the shift. The awareness of things  was phenomenal, my mind was calming down, I became less resistant, I just rolled with the flow. There is no longer the need to understand but to experience universal mind.

I am most grateful to the founders of this meditation, and also to helpers who have been so patient, so kind, so compassionate, and so non- judgemental. Thank you.​


I Feel Happy And Thankful Every Single Day


When I think about it now, before I found Meditation, I was a total slave of my mind. Even though I knew that I shouldn’t feel bad, I shouldn’t feel this way or that way, I couldn’t help but to do it. The mind had all control and I was really never happy.

In this Meditation I learned to use a method which really works to cleanse the mind. It started to work even in the first two weeks. I felt my mind already lighter and as I went on meditating I just knew I had to finish it. I’ve tried to get help in my life from shrines, tried to find religion, nothing has worked. This is the only thing that has ever helped for me. I feel happy and thankful every single day. Everybody should have the chance to try this Meditation.


I Immediately Knew I Had Struck Gold!


I had previously read that the reason for why we humans suffer is because of our mind. It did make sense to me but nobody had any method to discard the mind.

When I found a pamphlet describing this meditation which has the method to get rid of the mind, I immediately knew I had struck gold!

During the meditation process, I realized that the method is not simply for solving problems of anxiety, resentment, depression, etc. but that there is a far more superior goal – to reach Truth, to become one with the Truth.

Hopefully, everyone in the world will meet this method so that they subtract their minds which make them suffer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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I Am Eternally Happy Regardless of Conditions


I always wished that everyone around me and I were always happy. However, it seemed like happiness was conditional. To fulfill my yearnings for happiness, I participated in sports, music, various social events, volunteering activities, etc. I enjoyed those moments when I kept myself busy, but soon I felt a void within. It seemed like my life was filled with cycles of ups and downs. I questioned the impermanence of life and always feared losing my loved ones.

I also couldn’t understand why at times I reacted with love, sympathy, positivity and patience, but other times with hatred, judgment, fear, defense and negativity. I felt like I didn’t know myself, so I tried to sort out my thoughts. I also tried to perfect my character by reading self-help books and quotations, but I couldn’t find anything practical that gave me long-lasting happiness.

Finally I found this meditation through a beautiful flyer. After my very first session, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders. I instantly knew this was the answer. I began to meditate diligently. I was able to discard all of the clutter in my mind, through the simple, precise and logical method.

Each baggage I discarded raised my level of happiness. After completion of the meditation, I am eternally happy regardless of conditions. I am now able to appreciate my life and everyone around me.

I am truly thankful to the meditation, and with the greatest sincerity, I invite you to try it for yourself.

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