Meditation Benefits

Benefits of Meditation


Mind Becomes Clear

When you throw away the false mind that was made from living your life, your mind becomes clear and you always live in the present.


Body Becomes Healthy

Mind is what controls the body: when the mind is stressed the circulation in the body does not flow well, creating illness. When one cleanses his mind, his body naturally becomes healthy because the blockages are removed. Once you become your true self, you will be free from illness.


Brightest and Best Looking Self

Your looks reflect your mind: when you mind is free from stress, you will become the most beautiful and the brightest version of your self.


Efficiency Can Be Boosted More than 10 Times

Once you get rid of the countless thoughts in your mind, you are able to focus on doing one thing. Your efficiency can be boosted by more than 10 times.


Acceptance of All

When your mind becomes the infinite universe mind, you will be able to accept all, regardless of conditions: living life as it is.


Unlock Your Creativity

Creativity comes when you are free of minds, conceptions, and past knowledge. When you are without these limitations, your will be able to create anything at anytime.


Understand the Holy Writings: the Bible, the Buddist Sutras, etc.

All holy writings are written from the perspective of Truth. When one's mind becomes one with the mind of truth, he is able to understand all holy scriptures as they are.