General Questions and Answers


What if I have never meditated before?

This meditation is designed for all people regardless of their age, educational background, or meditation experience. Even children can do this meditation very well so long as they can follow verbal instruction.


What is the background of this meditation?

This meditation method originated in South Korea in 1996 and is now being used in more than 350 centers worldwide. This method is powerful yet simple: it consists of 7 levels, each level expanding a person’s consciousness tremendously until reaching the state of full enlightenment, which is the last level: completion.


Is this group meditation?

This is one-on-one guided meditation. After you start this meditation you can receive unlimited guided sessions. Group sessions are available when students request.


Is this meditation affiliated with any religion?

This meditation is a non-denominational organization, it simply has a 7-level meditation method to find one's true self.

Meditation Questions and Answers


Why are our memories stored instead of being eliminated?

Man is born of original sin, and depending on the person, each acquires a different mind of wants and desires. That mind is his memories. Such memories are his attachments; they are what remain in his mind. And it is only in this mind of his that his memories exist.


Will we still be able to remember everything after we discard our memories?

Though a person may discard his stored thoughts, his memory will still remain. It is the images that will exist no more. Therefore, he will be able to recall his memories when he needs to.


After we eliminate our memories, will we still be able to feel emotions? Will we be able to feel happiness or sorrow?

After a person discards his memories, what he feels will no longer be due to his bundle of memories. Instead, his emotions will exist but not exist; happiness and sorrow will not exist and yet exist. Such emotions of happiness and sorrow will be felt by one's mind that is of the Universe's point of view; it will be Truth that feels, and so that he will not dwell in those emotions.


Can illness be cured through cleansing our mind? If so, how?

Illness results from our mind. Since our body and mind are one, how we look and how we behave are based on our mind. Therefore, when we eliminate our mind, we return to the state of completion in which we do not have illness. Thus illness is cured.