North Hollywood Meditation

Finding Your True Self

Non profit Organization

This organization is a non-profit organization.

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Guided Meditation

We provide one on one or small group guided meditation.

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Community & Volunteers

We serve and enrich our community through meditation and public outreach.

About Us

North Hollywood Meditation has just opened on August 27, 2018.

This meditation uses a unique method which allows people to find their true self.

Today, the method is being used in more than 350 centers around the world. Continuously, it keeps growing and spreading its message to every corner of the world, causing a worldwide sensation.

Guided Meditation

Every session is guided by an instructor.

Mostly it is one-on-one guided sessions, however it is also an option for students to meditate in a group.

Instructors are always available to offer guidance, advice, and counseling for students in need.

Unlimited Sessions

We provide unlimited meditation sessions to members of the meditation during open hours.

Students can meditate for as little as 30 minutes, and as long as 2 hours. They can have multiple sessions in a day and even stay the entire day.

The progress of the meditation depends solely on the students, as much effort is put in, that much progress will be made.

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